OUR GYM IS STUDIO STYLE MEANING IT IS UPSCALE, INTIMATE AND MEMBER-SHIP IS LIMITED... You and your family if applicable, will be tested and treated on a very personal level which is always superior for results oriented training! It is modeled after the Crunch Gyms on the East & West coast…our focus will always be on quality not quantity of members!

WE ARE NOT A FRANCHISE... WE ARE FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED... Our trainers are not paid on commission. Education is our focus; our master level trainers have advanced degrees... B.S. or Master's degree. All memberships include weekly personal training & pilates coaching.

ALL-INCLUSIVE SIX STAR CLUB... EVERYTHING'S INCLUDED... all of your personal training, testing: VO2 Max... Metabolism... saliva hormone testing with compositional analysis... etc.

PILATES/YOGA/AEROBICS... YES! - ALL INCLUDED with your membership!

Bristlecone Behavioral Health, Inc.
13700 Reimer Drive North
Maple Grove, MN 55311

PHONE: (763) 424-2474
FAX: (763) 424-2711

For or membership questions: info@bristleconefitness.com
For hormonal/medical questions: info@bristleconefitness.com
For training questions: steve.moore@bristleconefitness.com

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